Menza Motors

Menza Motors Pvt. Ltd. is an electrical automobile manufacturing company based in Ahmadabad city of Gujarat state in India.. We are the company who is about to bring change in the automobile industry of India by introducing a new dimension of commuting and transportation in everyday life, for general public. We're not into niches, we're here for change, change in every individual's life, and as they say "Change is Inevitable."

The name Menza is derived from the name of a horse breed called Mensa, this particular Mensa breed of horses are the horses which perform in races.


  • Front & Rear Weight Ratio Designed for enhanced riding experience.
  • Frame Fully robotic welding process with automatic cathodic electrophoresis painting.
  • Water & Dust Protection Protected with IP65. EBS is protected up to 230mm of water.
  • Suspension Front Telescopic / Rear Dual Hydraulic Suspension.
  • CBS (Combined Braking System) with both Front & Rear Disc for enhanced safety.
  • Tubeless Tyres designed in 3 parts for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • High Acceleration & Torque Max torque 90Nm (@100 rpm).
Power Train DC Motor Bosch.


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Bike have Space for 2 helmets


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LED Lights & Projector Head Lamp


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Bluetooth Connectivity


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Reverse, Cruise & Drag Mode


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Regenerative Braking System(KERS)


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Isn't that amazing?
Enjoy the ride without worrying about the battery. Any time, you have an issue with the battery, it gets replaced free of cost*

Lithium ion cells, 160 Km with battery

Fast charge in 1 hour

Chargeable with a normal 15 Amp socket

Lightweight, Removable, Portable

Unfazed by adverse temperatures

Smart-looking, Cloud-Connected Battery

There's alot more

Automatic Geo Fencing

Notifies the owner if the scooter deviates from routine travel routes.

Change in Driving Pattern

Algorithms detect unusual change in driving patterns and warn user about it.

Daily Alerts

About road conditions, air quality, traffic etc. on your routes.

Daily Battery Use Analysis

Alerts on charging regimen appropriate for every user.

Vehicle Remote Diagnosis

Allows the system to accurately predict servicing needs.

Fleet Management

System will analyse fleet movements and help to remove inefficiencies in the system.

Ahead of time

Specifications of Our Products

Max Power: 6700 Watt Peak
Speed: 150 km/h
Range: 160 km with battery
Ground Clearance: 155 mm
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