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We are the company who is about to bring change in the automobile industry of India by introducing a new dimension of commuting and transportation in everyday life, for general public. We're not into niches, we're here for change, change in every individual's life, and as they say “Change is Inevitable."
The name Menza is derived from the name of a horse breed called Mensa, this particular Mensa breed of horses are the horses which perform in races.

Business Model and Core Values

At Menza Motors, we believe that the future you see is the future you get. We have worked tirelessly with the best team of engineers & designers across the world to bring you something we are truly proud of; something revolutionary. The Menza Motors is a compilation of work of some of the best designers and developers in the industry


Due to the rising population and the number of fossil fuelled vehicles currently on the streets, we are making our eco-system inhabitable for the generations to come. With the combination of copious amounts of ingenuity and precision engineering, our highly passionate team has designed and developed an eco-friendly solution that helps Indians to safely get around using a sustainable automobile technology. Menza Motors meets and exceeds the transportation needs of India’s younger generations who collectively understand that you can indeed have it all without impacting the environment.